This is a test recycled RS41 radiosonde (APRS and RTTY), located in

Center for New Technology (CNT)
Technical School Rudjer Boskovic (TSRB)
Getaldiceva 4
Zagreb, Croatia

Server is working on Raspberry Pi3 with RTL-SDR stick.

We have radio club section, callsign 9A1RBZ.
System is operated by Darko, 9a7aof.

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

Hamradio hack: Recykling RS41
Hamradio hack: Qyon / STM32_RTTY
Hamradio hack: ham radio | Hackaday

Useful: Dl Fldigi is an adapted version of the excellent free FLdigi soundcard decoding software
Useful: dl-fldigi_RTTY_CFG.png
Useful: The software Packet-Radio TNC
Useful: Convert Coordinates

Meteo: Lov na meteoroloske radiosonde 2017
Meteo: La Chasse aux radiosondes
Meteo: Nástroje pro sondy
Meteo: QZSS+GPS Ephemeris Data
Meteo: Index of

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